Blackmore IT boasts an impressive 25-year track record as a leading IT hardware trader. We take pride in our specialization in providing top-notch quality used computer spares, complete systems, and new parts to our valued customers. As one of Europe's largest stockists of new and refurbished equipment, we are proud to supply renowned brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft and various other manufacturers.

Sustainability and the Environment:

At Blackmore IT, we firmly believe in the longevity of electronic devices, particularly laptops and PCs. Our commitment to sustainability stems from the idea that these devices can serve many years beyond their first owners, contributing significantly to the reduction of emissions and the conservation of precious resources. By choosing a refurbished device from us, you not only gain access to reliable and affordable options for various tasks, including gaming PCs and high-performance machines, but you also actively participate in reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Charitable Initiatives:

We understand the importance of electronics in today's interconnected world, whether for work, personal life, or education. As part of our responsible and sustainable business practices, Blackmore IT actively donates laptops to those in need, including refugees and children facing technology poverty. Through this initiative, we aim to bridge the digital divide and create more equitable opportunities for individuals and communities that lack access to essential technology.

Recycling and Responsible Upgrades:

For companies or organizations looking to upgrade their IT equipment, Blackmore IT offers enticing bulk deals. As an added benefit, we provide a secure collection service for your old equipment through our sister company, This ensures that your old devices are properly recycled and responsibly disposed of, minimizing electronic waste and supporting the environment.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

At Blackmore IT, we take our commitment to sustainability a step further by prioritizing eco-friendly packaging. Whenever possible, we re-use packaging materials to minimize waste. Additionally, we predominantly use UK-made paper tape for our parcels, reducing reliance on single-use plastic. While some components require anti-static bubble wrap for safety reasons, rest assured that this wrap is fully recyclable through kerbside recycling. Our continuous efforts involve exploring viable alternatives to further reduce plastic usage.


Blackmore IT stands as a pioneer in providing sustainable and affordable solutions for IT hardware needs. With our wide range of quality used computer spares, complete systems, and new parts, we cater to diverse requirements, from simple tasks like emails to powerful gaming PCs and high-performance machines. By choosing refurbished devices, you play an active role in reducing emissions and promoting responsible electronic waste management. Furthermore, our charitable initiatives empower individuals in need by providing them with access to essential technology. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future while enjoying reliable and eco-friendly electronics for all your needs.