Refurbished - Excellent:

Performance: The product is fully functional, meeting all its intended capabilities. The refurbished item comes with a minimum of 80% battery life, ensuring it can be used effectively without frequent charging. This level of performance ensures that the device operates like new, providing a reliable user experience.

Appearance: The refurbished item in this category exhibits no to minimal signs of use. It appears almost like a brand new product, with very few, if any, visible marks or scratches. The excellent appearance contributes to an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying ownership experience.

Refurbished - Very Good:

Performance: Like the excellent category, products marked as "Refurbished - Very Good" are fully functional and possess a minimum of 80% battery life. This ensures that they can be used effectively and efficiently for most tasks.

Appearance: Items in this category may show slight signs of use due to their previous ownership. These signs can include minor blemishes or superficial scratches, but overall, the product remains in excellent condition. Despite some signs of use, it maintains a high standard of appearance and functionality.

Refurbished - Good:

Performance: The "Refurbished - Good" category guarantees a fully functional product with a minimum of 80% battery life, ensuring that it can perform its intended tasks without any issues.

Appearance: While still performing well, items in this category show moderate signs of wear. This may include visible scratches, light scuffs, or other wear and tear acquired during previous usage. Despite these signs, the product remains in good condition and offers reliable functionality.


Performance: The "Used" category comes with fully functional items. However, unlike the refurbished categories, battery life is not guaranteed, meaning the product may not hold a charge as well as it did when new. Buyers should be aware of this aspect before making their purchase.

Appearance: Items in the "Used" category are in reasonable condition and fully functional. However, they may have minor physical damage or non-critical missing parts. To improve the appearance and protect the device, vinyl covers may be used to conceal any damage or imperfections, ensuring it remains functional and visually acceptable.

1-2 dead pixels acceptable: When purchasing items in the "Used" category, buyers should note that the display may have 1-2 dead pixels. A dead pixel refers to a pixel on the screen that does not function properly, appearing as a black dot. The presence of a small number of dead pixels is considered acceptable for products in this category.

It's essential to carefully consider the condition and performance descriptions of the refurbished and used items to make an informed decision based on your needs and preferences. Each category provides a different balance between performance, appearance, and price, allowing customers to choose the option that best suits their requirements and budget.