This item is brand new, unused, unopened, and undamaged, still in its original packaging where applicable. The packaging mirrors what you'd find in a retail shop. It's possible that the item could arrive in non-retail packaging, like an unprinted box. While the original packaging might show signs of damage, removed labels, or previous packaging information, the item itself remains undamaged and functions perfectly.

Opened – Never Used:

This item is in excellent, new condition without any signs of wear. It may lack the original packaging or protective wrapping, or it might be in the original packaging but not sealed. Unless stated otherwise, this item may include its original accessories.


Performance: The product is fully functional, meeting all its intended capabilities. The refurbished item comes with a minimum of 80% battery life, ensuring it can be used effectively without frequent charging.

Appearance: While still performing well, items in this category show moderate signs of wear. This may include visible scratches, light scuffs, or other wear and tear acquired during usage. Despite these signs, the product remains in good condition and offers reliable functionality.


    Performance: ‘Used’ category items are fully functional. However, unlike the refurbished categories, battery life is not guaranteed. A used item comes with a minimum of 50% reported battery life, but this may not directly reflect the actual available time for use. A minimum of 1 hour uptime is guaranteed.

    Appearance: Items in the "Used" category will show heavier signs of use, and may have minor physical damage or non-critical missing parts. To improve the appearance and protect the device, vinyl covers may be used to conceal any damage or imperfections, ensuring it remains functional and visually acceptable. Screens may have 1-2 dead pixels or pressure marks.


    It's essential to carefully consider the condition and performance descriptions of the refurbished and used items to make an informed decision based on your needs and preferences. Each category provides a different balance between performance, appearance, and price, allowing customers to choose the option that best suits their requirements and budget.